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Elephant in the Room   socan 2023


I woke up with babies at my feet     

Barbie dolls and hockey on the street

We said hello and then we said goodbye     

Hey there goes a lonely mama’s nursery rhyme


We spend all the money and all the time  

I got your goat Baby you’ve got mine   

Goats are runnin’ all around the place

I see your goats runnin’ down your pretty face


Supper’s on the table getting cold

I’m sorry doesn’t matter any more

A table set for three is nothing new 

For me and you and the elephant in the room


They say marriage is for better or for worst

Not just for show and tell or chicklets in your purse

But you and I, we’ve got better things to do

So please don’t point at me and I won’t point at you.

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