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How Much Time Do You Have Left

Andy McGaw socan 2023  



Mr. Jones and Mr. Wilson went out fishin’

To catch a couple a catfish for some grub

With a transistor radio a six pack in sombreros

They sat down on the river bank and watched their bobbers bob


Achmed bought a moped he got a pretty good deal

He loves the feel of warm wind in his shirt

He’s going to pick up Sandra

Gonna take her for a spin

His mother said be careful son his

Father said it’s a sin


Find someone that you love find someone that loves you too

Step out in the bright of day

You wasted all that good time you wasted all that breath

Tell me much time do you have left


There will be no stump speeches at this table

We’ll all get along if we’re able

If you can’t there’s the door I can’t take it anymore

Aunty Linda drove here all the way from Maine


Granny has a head ache from squinting all day long

Trying to read the music of a dear old song

She only plays in G she finds comfort in the chord

She’s long laid down her testament and silly righteous sword

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