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Old Girl Of Mine

Andy McGaw   socan 2023


Her name was Lucy and she looked like a floozy

So I sat down beside her at the bar

She said she was tired she said she got fired

For spending too much time in the company car

I said “ah gee that’s too bad”   she said “well no not really”   

She said “I’ve been in that job far too long”

Then she gave me a quarter, she said “go on over to that juke box and play me an old Hurtin’ song”.


Well how have you been   

Old girl of mine  

With your heart full of wishes

And your head full of wine 

We’ve come a long long way   

And it’s been a long long time  

Tell me how are you doin’  

Old girl of mine


Now do you remember when you were a child    

All knees and elbows and a big goofy smile

You spent all your wishes just wishin’ for ponies   

Spent all your pennies at the penny arcade

But the cards on the table were honest and true    

But the jokers ran wild just like jokers will do

And the king and the queen and their only son Jack

Jumped a train for Sedalia and they never came back  


Now you drive down the highway with your windows wide open

The radio on and your head and heart hopin’   

That somebody waits at the end of the line

And that your blouse and your new jeans and your new boots look fine

But that old TV sits on that old TV stand   

Sixty years old with the remote in your hand

There’s nowhere to go today not much to do    

Watchin’ dancin’ bear dancin’ with captain kangaroo  

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