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Some Fly East, Some Fly West   socan 2023


He starts drinkin’ he starts punchin’ holes in the walls

He threatened her with a back-hander so she kicked him in the balls

His eyes made Xs and his mouth made Os and he went down on the floor

His frightened wife and the cryin’ kids ran out the kitchen door


Cause some fly east and some fly west some fly over the cookoo’s nest

Some wind up in the lost and found and some just disappear

Some find god and some go fishin some folks spend their whole lives wishin’

they win a million dollars so they can buy some happiness


Now Mary Flynn was a waitress in a Chicago restaurant

Not much on the menu but she could get you what you want

One day her neighbour found her in her apartment all alone

With her eyes like flyin’ saucers and her wrists cut to the bone


Now baby I love you and if you love me just think how happy we could be

Livin’ in a cabin in the woods  

We could scratch ourselves like we got no shame

Run around naked in the porin’ rain and curl up by the camp fire

Singin’ old camp fire songs.

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